Retargeting: a powerful marketing tool a lot of B2B businesses fail to take advantage of

B2B Retargeting

B2B businesses typically have a long sales process. So, staying top of mind with your prospects is crucial.

Retargeting is a way to position yourself in front of your sales prospects. These are visitors who have clicked on your website, your ads or your content but have yet to convert to a sale. With a great retargeting strategy in place, you can help move these prospects further down your sales funnel.

So, let’s talk about how B2Bs can get the most out of retargeting.

Segment by where your prospects are at in the sales funnel 

You can segment your retargeting audience not only as people who visit your website but in greater detail – such as by the pages they visited or even how much time they spent on the page. You can also retarget people on your email list or even those that have visited your social profile.  By tracking these visitor metrics, you can easily identify the funnel stage of each visitor and deliver content that is highly relevant and interesting to them to keep them engaged with your brand. 

Here are three funnel stages to consider when segmenting your audience:

  • Awareness Stage: The buyer becomes aware that they have a problem.
  • Consideration Stage: The buyer defines their problem and considers/researches options to solve it.
  • Decision Stage: The buyer evaluates and decides on the right provider to administer the solution.

Have a think about what page visits and website activity would help define where your prospects are in the sales funnel and build separate retargeting lists for each. 

Create killer content 

Here are five great content ideas to utilise in your  retargeting strategy:

  • Case Studies – Demonstrating your results and successes by telling your client stories with retargeting ads is a fantastic way to build authority with your prospects. Try to use data and statistics in the headline of your case study, such as “How we saved Company X $XXX in 6 months” 
  • Explainer Videos – videos explaining how your service works, its features and the results it generates make for fantastic retargeting content.
  • Ebooks – Using highly relevant educational content is a no-brainer for retargeting ads. These are most effective when the ebook provides a solution for a pain point your prospect experiences directly. 
  • Templates – creating a beautiful template that your prospects can use in their day-to-day dealings is a great lead generator and a powerful retargeting tool. For example, we may provide our prospects with a content planning calendar template or a Marketing & Sales Lead Goal Calculator
  • Client Testimonials – Your clients can sometimes do a better job at selling your services than you can. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. Keep your testimonials short and sweet. Ideally, you would include the name, title, picture and company of your client. This increases the authority and reliability of your company.

Focus on your landing pages 

Depending on where your prospect is in the sales funnel, you can get clever with the landing page you send them to. Here are three different examples of landing pages at different stages of the sales funnel:

  • Educational landing pages for the awareness stage – Here, you can tailor specific landing pages and retargeting ads to past visitors based on their pain point or interest. Directing them to educational blog posts that offer more information about what you offer and how it can help them is ideal. 
  • Social proofing for the consideration stage – When your prospect is considering their options, social proofing is a powerful tool to use. These pages include testimonials or case studies from current or past clients who had a successful experience with your business.
  • Call-to-action for the decision stage – For prospects that are further down the B2B sales funnel, it’s time to make a more direct call-to-action. These landing pages might include price quotes, free trial offers or a book a meeting call-to-action. 

Some other clever retargeting tricks

  • Reach new audiences with Customer Match & Lookalike AudiencesGoogle Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook’s advertising platforms allow you to take your email marketing lists and use them to target new users who display similar online interests and behaviours. This can be a great way to reach new prospects. 
  • Extend a compelling offer – Exciting offers such as percentage discounts, free consults or a free demo can entice prospects and provide you with an edge over your competitors.
  • Customise and test different ads – Customise ads for your different audiences segments and test them to evaluate what’s working well.
  • Don’t forget about email marketing – Layering B2B retargeting on top of your email marketing strategy can be very powerful and the execution is simple. 
  • Analyse and optimise – B2B Retargeting, is not an effort to be taken lightly without research, strategy, and ongoing modification. It’s important to have a sound plan in place with testing, measurement, and optimisation and a team that can analyze conversion patterns to find areas of success and failure. 

If you are interested in retargeting your sales prospects and closing more sales, book a consultation with us. Tell us a little about your business below and we’ll get back to you soon!

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