Powerful Email Marketing.

Set up email campaigns that work for you, 24/7.

Powerful email marketing.

Set up email campaigns that work for you, 24/7.

Let us show you how and set you up with a great email marketing strategy that also allows for simple automated options.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Generate new leads (AKA prospective customers) with great offers in exchange for an individual’s email address. We’ll set you up with the right email platform for your business and create an intriguing offer that your prospects will happily give their email in exchange for. Those new leads need to be nurtured with more information and offers, which is possible with an automated email marketing strategy.

Monthly Newsletters

Now you’ve generated a list of emails, keep in touch with these subscribers via a monthly newsletter or special promotional emails. Each email you send should present an offer that aims to move subscribers closer to a sale.

Email template design

Email templates allow you to easily draft professional-looking emails to send to your subscribers or customers. With a custom template, you can add logos or a colour scheme that reflects your business, helping to reinforce your brand.

Smart Automation

When your email marketing platform talks to your website, magic marketing happens. A prospective customer might make an enquiry through your website or they may show interest in a certain product and once this occurs a series of automatic emails can be triggered to encourage a subscriber to follow through on a possible purchase. These emails can be automatically delivered over a set number of days, weeks or months.

Emails we're proud of

Rovert Email Template
SISP Email Template
JAC Email Template

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