Customer-Centric Website Design: A Case Study

The brief…

Puro Partners and Puro People came to us with a desire to dramatically improve the online presence for both sides of their business.

Whilst their Puro Partners executive recruitment brand was up and running, and had been relying almost entirely on word of mouth for new business, it was clear they needed a website that reflected the reputation and the brand message the Partners had built, to allow prospective clients outside their existing network to better find them, and understand more about the brand.

The Puro People side of the business was brand new, and with a very different audience to Puro Partners, it required a separate online presence that appealed specifically to them, incorporated specific functionality related to the recruitment process, and yet still upheld the Puro mother brand.

We definitely set Method+Marketing a challenge. Both businesses are very different, and the brief for both was vastly different in terms of what we wanted as an end product,” said Sam Wallace of Puro Partners.

In addition, Method+Marketing helped the Puro teams understand the need for responsive, search engine optimised sites that pulled targeted, and qualified prospects to the businesses, rather than just being online brochures. And it was clear that the Puro team could convert leads, so they needed the user-experience to be optimised for lead generation.

The process….

Always ready for a challenge, the M+M team were chomping at the bit to jump in. Angela of Method+Marketing explained, “from the beginning we knew that it would be of the utmost importance to gain a thorough understanding of 2 things: 1) the brand and what it stood for; and 2) the distinctly different target markets.” As such the Method+Marketing team engaged in several consultative meetings with the Puro teams to gather the important information, before taking it back to the table.”

The process first included a analysis of the market and the competitive landscape, followed by mapping the information architecture for each site, before moving into the UX design phase. “We worked closely with the clients through the design stage to ensure we were meeting expecations, representing the brand, and yet designing sites that were the right fit for the audiences.” said Katie of Method+Marketing.

“Katie & Ange were great to work with. They took the time to meet with us, got to know our businesses and then listened to our vision. They made us think about our marketing message and how we wanted to be portrayed in the market,” said Kathryn Blythe of Puro People.

The result…

When asked how they felt about the end result, Kathryn said “we were stoked with the end results. Both businesses are very different and the brief for both was vastly different in what we wanted as an end product. It was great to finally have a platform that reflected our culture, service offerings and gave a little insight into who we are and what we do.”

Since going live with the two sites, the Puro Partners and Puro People teams are more actively engaged in relevant social media platforms, and are employing a new content marketing through their blog platforms. The team are also loving the integration with their in-house processes such as advertising jobs online, allowing candidates to register online, and to book in for a general registration interviews.

“Being already well known to the market as individuals, yet new to the market with our own business, having an online presence brings credibility to our brand, and allows our clients and candidates to engage with us directly,” said Sam.

Website Design for Puro Partners

For the more executive search side of the Puro business, Sam and James needed a site that strongly represented the brand attributes. These center around the translation of the Japanese word “puro”: Professional. Competent, skilful or assured expert.

According to Sam, “the site needed to attract and convert an executive level prospect, who would feel a sense of alignment with what we stood for, and happily contact us to further discuss their specific executive recruitment needs.”

Website Design for Puro People

In the case of Puro People, the value proposition for the brand needed to take on a more approachable, feminine personality. The user-experience required more integration and functionality than the Puro Partners site, and yet needed to be simple and easy to navigate.

"Let Katie and Ange help you bring all your ideas together, and then bring them to life."

Customer-Centric Website Design: A Case Study

Sam Wallace

Principal Consultant and Co-Founder, Puro Partners

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