Dear Valued Clients and Suppliers

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase throughout Australia and government advice discourages face-to-face contact, many communities will and have been impacted, including your businesses. Here at Method+Marketing, we are committed to ensuring continuity of services in the face of escalating circumstances, and additional support as required.


Communicating to your audience
We recommend you look to build trust with your leads and customers through proactive communication. In cases where events or store locations need to postpone operations, think of your long-term relationship with customers and consider how a refund or reschedule could be a relief for those who may experience stress or hardship during these times.

Do you wish to communicate a message to your audiences regarding COVID-19 and how it will impact your operations? 

We can help with:

  • Website updates: Add a notice to your homepage, and update contact details as required
  • Landing pages: Develop a landing page for information about changes to your business, services and product offerings in light of the current circumstances
  • Social media: Update your followers regularly with the latest information from your business on changes to services and precautions you are now taking to ensure their safety
  • Email marketing: Send your clients and prospects information about how your business and ability to service them or offer products is being impacted
  • SMS marketing: Notify your audiences of changes, or provide updates in a timely manner
  • SEO: Update your Google My Business listing with changes to opening hours, contacts
  • Paid Campaigns: If you want to get a message out to specific audiences beyond your list of contacts a paid campaign can be useful
  • And more….

Adjust your strategy
The world is changing rapidly at the moment so if businesses want to navigate the changes they will need to rethink the way they do business.

If you are an online business, how can you communicate with your audiences to ensure they are informed in an accurate, clear and timely manner. How can you make adjustments to ensure your products and services remain relevant through these challenging times?

If you are a brick and mortar business, re-thinking the way you do business might mean looking at how you can adjust your products or services to offer them online? You may also wish to consider limiting campaign budgets or pausing certain campaigns.

Do you need to rethink the way you do business? We can assist you to work through the options, and determine how to implement them.

We can help with:

  • Strategy: Whether you are online or bricks-and-mortar, how will you go about operating your business through this crisis and come out the other side?
  • E-commerce website design and development: Do you need to adjust the way you offer your services or products by revising the design or structure of your site? Perhaps you need to develop an online store?
  • Sales funnels: Have you thought about the way your sales pipeline needs to be designed to manage sales as effectively as possible through this period?
  • Marketing Automation: How and when do leads and customers need to be communicated to through your sales funnels?
  • Campaign management: What changes do you need to make to your current campaigns to manage your business sustainably through this period?

How will this change the way we work together?
As you know, we have adopted a modern “work-from-home” business model since our early days, so we are well set up to ensure the continuity of our services. Given the changing circumstances we will still need to make some small changes and we ask for your support to do so:

Deadlines and turnaround times
As some of our clients’ businesses and activities have been directly impacted by the pandemic and related circumstances, we have availed ourselves to them as a priority to support communications and messages to their audiences. As such, we ask you to be patient – you are still important to us and we are continuing work on your services and projects, however timelines may need slight adjustment here and there to manage workflow.

Meeting with us
In order to avoid face-to-face contact we will be conducting all meetings via online video meeting software. If you would like to meet us please book a time at the link below:

Our preferred video meeting software is Google Meet, however, we are happy to use the platform of your preference, e.g. Zoom, Skype etc.

Thank you for your patience and support while we navigate these uncertain times. Life will return to normal – of this we are certain. Until then we want to empower you to get through this period and come out stronger on the other side. Until we next speak, stay healthy and safe.

Ange + Katie

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