How building a website on Hubspot led to better insights and effective sales enablement

Featured Client: Treloar Trading

"Method+Marketing has been the missing link for us in the transition to Hubspot. We did not have the skills or resources to do it on our own and having built the trust and confidence to let Ange and Katie do it for us has taken a huge load off my mind and allows us to focus on other parts of the business. If I were to add anything else, it would simply be that Method+Marketing is helpful and focussed."
Paul Walton
Engineering Manager, Treloar

Treloar is an Australian-based leader in specialty fluid handling products and services for the chemical, petroleum and process industries.  

Treloar approached us to build them a new website, refresh their brand and set up their sales pipelines in Hubspot.

First, we started with their brand, which was in need of a refresh to better reflect their current business, audience and to support their future brand and marketing strategy. 


treloar trading rutherford


Treloar logo redesign

Next up, was making the brand come to life on a new, functional website. It was important to them that the site was:

  • Built on Hubspot – Treloar was already using Hubspot as a CMS.
  • Better showcased their products and services – COVID-19 highlighted the need to have a virtual home with updated and reliable information for their customers. The days of flying around the world to showcase at tradeshows had been placed on hold.
  • Offered customers an enhanced online experience – Their old website was clunky, outdated and hard to search, navigate or update.
  • Streamline their sales process –  By building the website on the Hubspot CMS, Treloar has insight at every point of a customer’s journey. 
  • Captured insightful data – Treloar was keen to capture data so they can improve their sales and marketing performance. 


The site currently features 100 products each with a detailed product description, specifications and order codes, which can be easily searched for and found by their customers.

We are also currently in the process of setting up deal pipelines for the Treloar sales team and building out an integration between Hubspot and their inventory management system. 

Now with their new website on the HubSpot platform up and running, Treloar wants to keep the momentum and put their new marketing and sales software to work. We are working with them to leverage the Hubspot platform to give their customers a full lifecycle journey from the point of acquisition through to engagement. This includes content marketing, SEO, social media advertising and sales enablement

Treloar now has the right people, processes and technology in place to measure, track and optimise their sales and marketing performance all in the convenience of the Hubspot platform. 

Think Hubspot might be a good fit for your business? Our team is ready to discuss how we can help you grow with Hubspot.