How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

In such a tight-knit community like Newcastle, it’s important to leverage your personal and professional connections to promote your brand. LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to do just that. 

COVID-19 and your business

Dear Valued Clients and Suppliers As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase throughout Australia and government advice discourages face-to-face contact, many communities will and have been impacted, including your businesses. Here at Method+Marketing, we are committed to ensuring continuity of services in the face of escalating circumstances, and additional support as required. HOW CAN WE SUPPORT YOU? […]

How to Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Happy man talking over phone

Providing a meaningful customer experience is no longer an added bonus for brands, it’s a necessity. In fact, IBM’s annual Global C-Suite Study, found that 68% of C-suite executives expect organisations to emphasize customer experience (CX) over products. That means more than two-thirds of C-suite executives think that the customer experience of purchasing a product […]

Why your customer should be at the centre of your strategy

 Every business owner is striving for growth, with the aim to reach as many prospects as possible and win them over as loyal customers. The question is how do you make people love what your brand does? A customer-centric approach might be the answer. Here’s why. Putting the customer first The days of the brand […]

Australian Small Businesses are Lagging Behind in a Digital World

Having recently attended an event with Telstra, we were surprised to see the results of their 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report. Telstra compared thousands of responses from Australian small businesses (1-19 employees) to see if they are meeting customers’ expectations. What they found is that customers are expecting faster services from small businesses, and are expecting to engage […]

Blog Series: Part 2 – How to write a blog for business

So, thanks to part 1 of our series on blogging, you understand why blogging is so important for your business. Now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to write a blog. We know what you’re thinking…this is daunting right? You’re not a professional writer so this seems like it’s going to be difficult. […]

A Super Simple Digital Marketing Strategy for Newcastle SMEs

A digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complex and overwhelming. In fact, some of the most successful strategies are very simple. At the heart of every digital marketing strategy is a single goal — to increase brand awareness in order to drive sales and revenue. So, we wanted to keep things simple for Newcastle businesses […]