Redesigning a website to optimise for lead generation​

Featured Client: DFK Crosbie

“Our previous website was more of an online brochure. It was limited in functionality and it was not generating leads. Method+Marketing applied a customer-centric approach to our website redesign with content specifically created for them (depending on their industry) while focussing on a positive user experience that is not only optimised for SEO but helps us generate leads online.”
Stephanie Oakley
DFK Crosbie

UPDATE: In November of 2021, DSK Crosbie merged with Pitcher Partners to be come Pitcher Partners Newcastle & Hunter. As such, the DFK Crosbie website outlined below was been rebranded by Method+Marketing and can be viewed here.


DFK Crosbie approached Method+Marketing to help them redesign their website. Their goals were to:

1. Achieve a flexible, user-friendly and optimised website

DFK Crosbie’s previous website was built on a custom CMS platform which presented a challenging and limiting back-end user experience. This created issues with setting up landing pages, adding call-to-actions throughout the website and including service-specific blog content on each service page.

2. Increase and improve online lead generation for services

The new website needed to have clear call-to-actions on each service page and the ability to generate and follow-up with leads through the clever placement of forms, eBook downloads and live chat. 

In order to achieve DFK Crosbie’s goals, we felt an open-source and flexible CMS like WordPress would be the best fit for them. WordPress would enable them to update the website on their own, track and manage leads and place call-to-actions when and where they needed.

Initially, Method+Marketing assisted DFK Crosbie with restructuring, rewriting and finessing their website content to suit their various audiences and to ensure content was optimised for search. Content was created for each of their industry specialisations as well as each individual service they offer. 

We also designed the site to feature industry or service specific blog content on each relevant page, embedding lead generating call-to-actions throughout each piece of content.

Each lead is synced with DFK Crosbie’s Mailchimp audiences and tagged accordingly so automated lead nurturing email workflows can be triggered. 

We pride ourselves on taking a strategic and customer-centric approach to website redesign by focussing not just on creating a good looking website, but one that is built to help you achieve your business objectives by connecting with your ideal customers.

Because of this strategic approach to web design, our clients typically see an increase in the amount of leads and resulting sales generated from their website.

So, when you are considering a website redesign, don’t only focus on what looks good, make sure your web developer has a good idea of your ideal customers and your business goals, and ensure they have a plan to utilise lead generation tactics that will set you up for success.

If you are interested in redesigning your website to optimise for lead generation, contact us.

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