How the implementation of Hubspot helped Seed People Consulting streamline their sales process and apply a data-driven approach to generate more leads

Featured Client: Seed People Consulting

“HubSpot seemed like the perfect solution to the data-driven marketing approach we wanted to implement. Looking at the marketing dashboard Method+Marketing set up and leveraging the Hubspot CRM, we can now see where leads are coming from and where we should focus more attention.”
Stacey Kelly
Principal Consultant, Seed People Consulting

Stacey Kelly from Seed People Consulting, a Newcastle-based HR consulting firm, approached Method+Marketing with three challenges: 

  1. They desperately wanted a new CRM because their current one was not cutting it.
  2. Confused by all the data and analytics available, they needed help to understand the data points they should be tracking and to set KPI’s to measure the impact that marketing activities were having on their overall business goals.  
  3. They wanted a simple and easy way to track their progress against KPIs each month. 


How we did it

To start, we held our Discovery Workshop with the Seed team to learn more about their business and the way they operate, and explore their overarching business goals.

We broke down each business goal and determined 3-5 marketing objectives to measure success. We then set monthly targets against each marketing objective, which the team could strive for each month. We then set up a handy digital dashboard where they could view and track their progress on each marketing objective in one, easy-to-access place.

The next step was tackling their CRM issues. Katie Cowling, Method+Marketing’s Director of Digital Services explained that Seed were using a CRM that was cumbersome and missing a lot of integrations and features required to help track sales, improve marketing performance and better engage with clients. “The answer was easy for us – move to Hubspot.”

“The outcome for the Seed People Consulting team has been very positive,” said Angela Henderson, Method+Marketing’s Director of Client Services. “The information they now have access to through the Hubspot platform, in combination with the custom analytics dashboard, is affording them the ability to make data-driven decisions for their business, and a real step-up in terms of they way they operate.”

Hubspot Implementation for Seed


Hubspot Growth Suite (Starter level)

CRM Setup

The Hubspot CRM was set up with custom fields to help report on and capture client data that is important to Seed. We also set up different sales pipelines for their consulting business and the pod bookings.  

Contact migration

Contacts, companies and project data was migrated from their old CRM and imported into Hubspot.   


We ensured Hubspot was integrated with their email, proposal software, Mailchimp and Xero. 

Marketing Setup

The initial setup included lead capture forms embedded on their website, email template and sales email templates. 

Sales Hub

We set up two deal pipelines for different client types – each with different stages, notifications, workflows & reporting. 


An external marketing dashboard was set up to track their marketing APIs and Hubspot’s reporting dashboard will be set up to track their contact and deal activity from a sales perspective. 


Remote training for sales and marketing team members is provided and supplemented with written documentation and videos.


If you are interested in learning more about our Hubspot Support service, we encourage you get in touch.