How an outsourced marketing model helped this restaurant pivot in the uncertain time of COVID

Featured Client:
The Captain & Crew

“Opening a new restaurant two weeks before the COVID lockdown was stressful to say the least. We were so grateful to have Method+Marketing on our team, helping us to adjust our business model and survive the tumultuous times. When we pivoted to offer online ordering and a new delivery service, Katie and Ange were quick to add new functionality to the website and get the message out to our customers. Method+Marketing is our fast-track option that turns solutions around in lightning-speed time to help us keep up with the ever-changing environment we operate in these days."
Kristen & Tristan
Owner, The Captain & Crew

When Kristen & Tristan finally opened The Captain & Crew, a project they had been dreaming up and working hard to make a reality, they never imagined they would have to drastically rethink their business model within weeks. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was shutting down restaurants all across the country and those that managed to stay open were forced to shift to a delivery and takeaway model. Kristen and Tristan were determined that their new business wouldn’t fall victim to the virus, and they turned to Method+Marketing for assistance to quickly implement creative new digital strategies, while they developed a new takeaway/delivery menu and service. The Captain & Crew team came up with a great new offering for their customers without having to sacrifice the amazing quality of their food and relaxed vibes the cafe had to offer…. say hello to curb-side contactless pick-up, brunch delivered and date night to your door! 

This is where we came in! Method+Marketing was able to quickly get an online ordering system up and running on To support the new online model, we crafted an email campaign to send to their growing email database and a social campaign to help get the word out to locals in the delivery area.

The campaign delivered a range of outstanding results for The Captain & Crew. “Not only were we able to help Kristen and Tristan to continue trading through what were unimaginable circumstances for a new business,” explained Angela Henderson, Director of Client Services for Method+Marketing, “but we were also able to help them expand their reach to new audiences who were looking for new food delivery options during the lockdown, and to solidify their brand presence in the local region despite the challenges the market was throwing them.”

“We are super proud of our work with Kristen and Tristan,” said Katie Cowling, Director of Digital Services for Method+Marketing. “It’s a real partnership that we have with Kristen and Tristan, where we are there as an extension of their business and the success we have helped deliver for The Captain & Crew has meant we are now their first point-of-call for their other businesses (Coast to Castle, and La Costa Cantina).

“This is the benefit of our outsourced marketing dept. model” said Katie. “It enables us to become a part of your team and empowers us to act quickly when needed. This way your business can have direct access to senior marketing specialists who are focused on growing your business and delivering return-on-investment.” 

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